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Clear aligners designed, planned and made in EU

Improving confidence. Together. One smile at a time.

How do we compare to other clear aligner producers? We say no to outsourcing. Keeping everything in-house is our approach for maintaining the highest quality of our products.

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When it comes to technology, we don't take any shortcuts

Precision in every step. From scanning and planning to the 3D printing and aligner thermoforming

Every step in diagnostics, design and manufacturing of Nevident clear aligners comes from our experience in treating hundreds of cases. We base our experience on current scientfic knowledge and proven treatment protocols. Our people have experience in providing treatment planning for clients in USA, Germany, Switzerland and many more countries. We take extra care to analyze feedback we get from our providers to improve our processes for precise and perfect outcome.

Lab scanners with resolution of up to 6 microns, software certified for use in medical and dental applications, 3D printing using state-of-the-art printers with dental printing materials capable of achieving 25 microns resolution. These are just a few tools we use to make sure that the final product will be of utmost quality.

models aligned for 3D printing

Why choose our product for your clear aligner cases?

Nevident is an advanced system of clear aligners. Carefully designed for predictable results

Well built and affordable

Competitive value for money ratio makes Nevident clear aligners ever more affordable for even more patients and treatment providers.

Designed with aligner providers in mind

Our company gained clinical expertise by planning thousands of cases for providers from various European countries. We understand the demands of aligner providers and we have designed our system with their preferences in mind.

Treatment under control

Take control in management of your cases. Thanks to our AlignerManager web app, you're getting a complete overview of your clear aligner cases, stages of design, manufacturing and delivery. You're also getting an insider information on best practices, treatment protocol and aligner specifications. All displayed in one place.

European standards of quality

Whole process from scanning, design, 3D printing and thermoforming is managed in-house by us, in our facility in Slovakia. No step in design or manufacturing is outsourced to other country. That helps us to maintain high quality throughout the process and keep our turnover time short.

Superior customer support

Communication with us is swift and effective. Our trained employees are here to assist you from the moment you submit your case, until your patient leaves your office with their new smile.

Optimized retention

Our aligners use straight cut trimline, that extends below gingival zenith to provide that extra retention and movement control. This design may even help us to reduce the number of attachments needed for the treatment.

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We are your European partner in the aligner treatment planning and aligner manufacturing. It can't get any simpler that this. Fill out a short registration form, get approved by administrator and you're all set to submit your first case. It doesn't matter if you're just starting to provide clear aligner treatments or if you're looking to expand your treatment options. Nevident clear aligner is a precisely made product with superior quality designed for predictable results and successful treatment outcome. We believe that everything should be centered around patient who is happy with her or his new improved and healthy smile.

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Why Nevident aligners stand out among others?

Comparison with selected clear aligner manufacturers

Nevident alignersOther manufacturers
Aligner materialMultiple strenghts of material availableOnly one thickness available
Available protocolsAttachments, IPR, elastics, molar distalization, bite-rampsMostly attachments and IPR
FinishingHand trimmed and finished, every piece is checked for qualityTrimmed by a machine, random quality control
Delivery10 working days from confirmation to expedition30-40 days to expedition
Country of originSlovakia, EUMostly China, India, Mexico

We choose to work with the best

Meet some of our partners

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* Formlabs is a registered trademark of Formlabs Inc.
Smart Optics is a registered trademark of smart optics Sensortechnik GmbH
Zendura is a registered trademark of Bay Materials, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All data should be uploaded into our AlignerManager web app
a) an STL or OBJ scan made of two separate arches oriented in correct occlusion;
b) intra-oral and facial images;
c) a panoramic X-ray;
d) case objectives.
We accept STL or OBJ files from all intra-oral or desktop scanners, provided the quality is good.
Yes, but there may be an extra fee for handling PVS impressions.
Plans are available in 3-4 business days.
We have two EU based operations. One in Slovakia and one in Estonia.
Yes, attachments are used to better control mesial rotation, extrusion and bodily movements
Yes, clients can decide to incorporate IPR into the treatment plan. The IPR instructions are then readily available in the AlignerManager app.
We ensure that all movement categories are clinically attainable, performing increments of up to 0.3 mm for linear movements and up to 3° for radial movements in each aligner per step.
Most custumers use our cloud-based and mobile-friendly AlignerManager web application to review, revise and approve their plans. Our web applications is made available free of charge.
We offer our customers 2 revisions on their treatment plans.
In all our plans the fee includes one free refinement.
Revision is a request to adjust the plan prior to approval. Refinement is a post-approval request for a mid-course or end-of-treatment correction.

Treatment protocol for Nevident clear aligners

More details are available after the registration in the AlignerManager web application

Aligner parametersLimits of movement per step
Thickness: 0.625-0.75mmLinear movement: max. 0.3mm
Material: thermoplastic polyurethane, PET-GRadial movement: max. 3°
Trimline: straight cut, 1-2mm below gingival zenithTime required per step: 2 weeks
Made in EU

Responsibly made in EU. We reduce our environmental impact, minimize our waste and recycle what we can. Nevident clear aligner is a registered custom-made medical device manufactured for a specific patient. Nevident clear aligner conforms to the requirements set out in Regulation (EU) 2017/745 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

Contact details

Company details
Mint Labs, s.r.o.
Ostravská 8
040 11 Košice
VATIN: SK2121163506

Email us at support@nevident.eu


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